A peaceful refuge, garden sanctuary and mystery school community in Princeton, NJ, dedicated to teaching contemplative practices about the soul’s journey in an accessible manner that can easily be integrated into our modern lives

Gestalt Theory/Therapy

Gestalt Theory/Therapy is an Awareness practice exploring as “moment to moment / daily experiment”.


(Mircea Eliade, Univ of Chicago)
When Shamanism is integrated with Gestalt Theory, the “self-regulating organism” becomes the “Soul-regulating organism”

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation technologies offer a daily practice to experience the unraveling of the Holy Mysteries.

We believe the cultivation of the heartbeat is central for awareness that deepens a life infused by love, light, peace and beauty.

Roberta teaches a concept she calls “Your SC²”™.  Your “Spirit Circle of Your Soul’s Consciousness” to aid as Guide in your soul’s ascension.

This Embodied Enlightenment™ practice instructs moment to moment awareness centrally rooted within, utilizing the power of The Infinity Symbol of movement, increasing dialogue between both “destructive old skin states of consciousness” and “constructive new skin states of consciousness”.  Learning to hold both polarities within the container of the body and personally harness psychic powers to feed constructive new skin states permanently is central to this practice.


Full Moon Circles


Solstice/Equinox Gatherings


Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Sadhana