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Dr. Roberta Pughe is a published author, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Contemporary Shaman (named by Stanley Krippner, PhD), KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Kundalini Research Institute) — trained by Gurmukh in Rishikesh, India — as well as a certified Reiki I and II Master practitioner. As the Clinical Director of The Center for Relationship, LLC, in Princeton, NJ, as well as the Founder of the School of Embodied Enlightenment (also in Princeton, NJ) Roberta helps bring people home in their bodies to their soul’s intelligence as “Primary Guide” so that their expanded potentiality can practically inhabit the physical realm.

As a New Jersey Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Clinical Fellow with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, practicing since 1980, she integrates a solid psychological systems theory in her spiritual practice methodologies. As a Faculty Trainer in the early 90’s with a NJ Gestalt Institute, Roberta facilitated open-seat groups rooted in body awareness, body intelligence and Gestalt Therapy/Theory. With a PhD in Education Leadership, Management and Policy with a focus on Contemplative Studies and a Masters Degree in Theological Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, she found herself organically drawn to the integration of Celtic Shamanism in 1996 and received certification in Core Shamanism with Michael Harner (in the tradition of Mircea Eliade).

Her work is in-depth, rooted in Soul Retrieval (answering back to Soul Loss) and nurturing expanded states of consciousness, utilizing the body as “laboratory”.  She is now synthesizing these theories in an awareness practice she teaches, called, “Embodied Enlightenment™”, focusing on healing each chronological age of the self within the physical subtle body. Her belief is that these ancient technologies (when synthesized and practiced as a daily lifestyle) offer access to deep healing and unity of consciousness, both individually and communally, providing a pathway forward toward building “Soulful Communities” – domination free orders which support a socially just world for all.

Roberta has her PhD in Education Leadership, Management and Policy with a focus on Contemplative Studies. She is researching the interface of psychology, contemplative pedagogical practices and leadership to facilitate domination free orders to help build a more just society. She is interested in the pragmatic application of contemplative practices and expansive consciousness theories with current research to embodied relational awareness practices and compassionate engagement in the world.

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