Kundalini Yoga, known as the ‘Yoga of Awareness’, appeals to people of all walks of life. Working from the “Inside/Out” supports attention to the subtle energetic body of “interiority”, offering extremely practical details for living a successful life through the upliftment of consciousness and integral awareness first within, then without. A practitioner of Kundalini Yoga can fully engage in their worldly responsibilities while still inhabiting a constant state of enlightenment.

In fact, these practices will offer a philosophy to engage through the soul’s guidance moment-to-moment. These teachings when ignited internally act as a magnet that attracts universal forces to assist in manifestation of the soul’s destiny while also maintaining a grounded equilibrium and balance within. As you ascend to higher levels of awareness, each universal light force uplifts the consciousness in you and you can live a consciously full life with all the Divine qualities manifesting through you. Practices are taught which support the embodiment of vibrations that are necessary for the complete manifestation of soul in the body, in the world.

Through yogic postures, conscious breath, deep meditation and chanting, Kundalini Yoga aligns the body, mind and soul, giving the practitioner access to the incredible powers and wisdom stored within the expanded intelligence.

Qualities of Soul Consciousness can be summed up as: Purity of Heart. Clarity of Purpose and Right Action aligned with Soul Consciousness. Characteristics of the soul’s expression are: Sincerity. Humility. Gratitude. Perseverance. Aspiration. Receptivity. Progress. Courage. Goodness. Generosity. Equality and Peace. These qualities will be nurtured for successful daily living.