Roberta’s teachings will introduce you to your “Spirit Circle of your Soul’s Consciousness (which Roberta calls your “SC-squared”) experiencing the body contacting the soul, the Finite merging with the Infinite, which will manifest in many forms according to the need of what has to be done. SEE incorporates teachings from the core practices of Shamanism, used for millennia in cultures all around the world to enter non-ordinary reality to solve problems and heal.

We will focus on the classic shamanic journey — the visionary method to explore hidden universes normally only glimpsed in myths and dreams; use drumming and chanting (with harmonium) to enter shamanic states of expanded consciousness while aligning your heartbeat with the Universal heartbeat; awaken our dormant spiritual abilities, deepening in psychic powers; connect to the elemental forces of Nature: Earth. Water. Fire. Air and Ether (the

Infinite all pervading) both within the body and the natural world; journey within to meet our Spirit Circle encompassing ancestors, guides, gurus, power animals and soul protectors; and learn to master a variety of shamanic divination and ancient healing technologies.

Come discover how to use ancient shamanic practices to help heal yourself, others, and the Earth, linking your co-creative powers with the ever unmanifested mystery seeking to manifest itself — constantly and permanently. As we master techniques of “unveiling”, we will discover daily practices to uncloak this obscurity while opening the portals of passages into Union with the Divine. Elemental BreathWork and Prana Breathing opens us to the Vital Energy of Soul appreciating that as Breath changes, Consciousness changes.

Ten (10) Ancient, Sacred Healing Forces will be integrated and mastered:

  • The Mystic Teachings of Jesus, The Christos
  • Crow and/or Raven Medicine
  • The Serpent of Transmutation
  • Ceremonial Mask and Feathered Robe of Winged Creature (eagle, owl, condor)
  • The River of Life
  • The Infinity Symbol
  • The Healing Wan or the Sacred Symbol of the “X”
  • The Tree of Life
  • Sun and Moon Consciousness Aligned Within
  • Power Animals as Soul Protectors