“Roberta’s Pughe’s Body As Sanctuary for Soul is a tour de force for our time. Pughe weaves the practices of psyche and the sacred together in an embodied way. She diagnoses our cultural malaise and how this is reflected in much psychotherapy today. Like Meister Eckhart, she paints a vision of the tiny seed buried within the soul, that once nourished with our invocation, we become alert to it, and as implicit memory of it unfolds, we grow in explicit clarity of our life’s Dream; we reconfigure our lives to support its embodied manifestation. Not only does she tell us about the seed and potential of our soul, she shows us how to live it, do it, be it. Readers will find in these pages teachings and practical methods for unveiling and actualizing of their deepest longings. Psychotherapists and shamanic practitioners will find Body As Sanctuary for Soul rich in insights into the intricacies of a soul-filled life, the healing of soul injury, and much more. I give it four stars.”