“In this era of uncertainty, many people are desperately looking for guidance and direction. In this remarkable book, Roberta Pughe tells her readers that there is no better teacher than their own soul. This is an important message, one that will encourage people to seek wisdom from the deepest parts of themselves rather than from outside sources that could easily lead them into cults, extremist groups, and authoritarian movements. Drawing from shamanism, Yoga, and ancient traditions, BODY AS SANCTUARY FOR SOUL delivers a message that is upbeat, positive, and life-affirming.”

Stanley KrippnerPhD Alan Watts Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University Co-author PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY and EXTRAORDINARY DREAMS

“Roberta Pughe, in her powerful new book, Body As Sanctuary for Soul, at long last unites the traditions of Shamanism, Gestalt therapy, Jungian psychology, Yoga, Buddhism, and Christian Mysticism as a means to develop ones true relationship with their soul. In doing so she makes a valuable contribution to the fields of psychotherapy and spiritual practice. This is a rich book that, rather than rushing through, you might want to linger and chew on to get the extraordinary flavors.”

Jose Luis Stevens Ph.D., author of Awaken the Inner Shaman,The Power Path, and Transforming Your Dragons

“What is so refreshing about this book is Roberta Pughe’s intelligent observations from cultures around the world of some very simple spiritual principles that many of today’s seekers miss – we have everything within to heal and transform our limited experience of life and it begins with an “unlearning” of things we were taught by well-meaning teachers, and connecting deep within ourselves and with the community of souls we have gathered around our lives. This is a book I will refer back to often”

Peter Steriosyoga teacher, architect, and founder of eco-yoga products company MANDUKA

“Roberta’s Pughe’s Body As Sanctuary for Soul is a tour de force for our time. Pughe weaves the practices of psyche and the sacred together in an embodied way. She diagnoses our cultural malaise and how this is reflected in much psychotherapy today. Like Meister Eckhart, she paints a vision of the tiny seed buried within the soul, that once nourished with our invocation, we become alert to it, and as implicit memory of it unfolds, we grow in explicit clarity of our life’s Dream; we reconfigure our lives to support its embodied manifestation. Not only does she tell us about the seed and potential of our soul, she shows us how to live it, do it, be it. Readers will find in these pages teachings and practical methods for unveiling and actualizing of their deepest longings. Psychotherapists and shamanic practitioners will find Body As Sanctuary for Soul rich in insights into the intricacies of a soul-filled life, the healing of soul injury, and much more. I give it four stars.”

C. Michael SmithClinical Psychologist and International Shamanic Teacher, and Author of "Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue and Psychotherapy and the Sacred"

“Body As Sanctuary for Soul is a powerful book written by a scholar that creates a clear bridge between our everyday world of ‘things seen’ and the transpersonal worlds of ‘things hidden’ so familiar to shamans and mystics. It will offer healthcare providers and recipients of psychotherapy alike an enlightened perspective on the connection between our everyday selves and the realms of the soul. Roberta Pughe is to be commended for she has created very good medicine.”

Hank WesselmanPhD., anthropologist and author of The Bowl of Light, the award-winning Awakening to the Spirit World (with Sandra Ingerman), and the Spiritwalker Trilogy.

“How welcome to find a book that awakens our awareness to the deep and universal yearning to feel connected with our Soul’s source. The Soul is by nature illusive, but in Body As Sanctuary for Soul, Roberta Pughe gives help and comfort to many who suffer from a sense of separation in our turbulent and hyperlinked lives. She opens doors to the way in which mystics, shamans, artists, yogis, and people who live authentic lives in touch with the rhythms of nature have found to transform pain into love and return home to the essence of Soul.”

Angela Farmerinternational inspiration for teachers and students of yoga